About Us

Sparkus is a CoachingTech company that provides scalable coaching solutions combining a digital coaching platform, human touch and action tracking. Our end-to-end business coaching solutions are great for internal coaching, mentoring, leadership development and coaching at scale programs. Our mission is to establish a sustainable coaching culture within organizations so everyone from entry-level hire to manager can drive your organization forward.

We provide a secure, measurable and scalable platform that is customizable to fit different development needs in enterprises. With digital coaching tools, coach pool, supervisors, trainers and other relevant resources, SparkUs helps organizations to unlock their human potential and get future-ready!

Designed by ICF credentialed coaches and design thinking experts, we pride ourselves on our responsive and hands-on project management skills, as well as our professional and interpersonal relationships with clients.

Our Manifesto

Every individual is unique and can contribute value to an organisation. When individuals can match their personal values with an organisation’s vision, both parties will increase their productivity and chances of success. Coaching is the catalyst to starting this journey and identifying your own vision and values.

We believe this journey is too important to be limited to a select few. It should be the norm for everyone. It must be present within every company’s culture.

Here at SparkUs, we provide everyone with a safe space to be coached. This is a self-directed safe space where you will achieve individual goals by yourself – but not alone.

SparkUs supports individual journeys. Our goal is to create happy and productive organisations and societies at large, which comprise of engaged individuals making personal and professional choices based on their own unique abilities.

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