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Pinar Dolarslan
Professional Coach, MCC

After having 15 years of managerial experience in Banking sector, Pinar started working on Coaching disciplines in early 2000’s and decided to extend her knowledge in Leadership Development u0026 Coaching area, by 2008 professionally. She worked as faculty at 3 different universities teaching the Organizational Coaching u0026 Presence and Leadership master classes. She had a co-leadership role in ORSC community in Turkey and supported many Social Responsibility Projects.nPınar is accredited as Master Certified Coach by ICF with over 3500 hours of coaching practice.

Prajna Paramita
International Executive and Leadership Coach, Senior Practitioner

Paramita’s career includes diplomacy, strategic communication u0026 business development. With 6,000+ hours of coaching across multiple sectors u0026 geographies, she helps clients enhance their authenticity, purpose u0026 resilience, using emotional, social, relational u0026 cultural intelligence, Positive Psychology u0026 Neuroscience. She combines a unique blend of outward-focused Western pragmatism with the inward gaze of Eastern contemplation.

Claudia Ritter
International Executive u0026 Leadership Coach Senior Practitioner

Claudia’s career encompasses political, strategic u0026 intercultural communications. With 2,000+ hours of coaching across multiple sectors u0026 geographies, she uses a strengths-based approach to help clients uncover what makes them unique to achieve their objectives. Her interventions are both anchored in the reality of international organizations and informed by research disciplines including social and cultural intelligence, emotional competence, and Positive Psychology u0026 Neuroscience.

Andre Ribeiro
Master Certified Coach (MCC)

André coaches C-level executives and leadership teams across some of the largest organisations in the world. He co-founded and developed businesses from startup into multi-million revenues in e-commerce, travel and digital marketing companies. He partners with leaders to better navigate life and challenges in an ongoing learning journey. André collaborates with international business schools, in executive programs and MBAs. He also mentors and supervises professional coaches.

Marcella Segala
MCC, CPCC, Team Effectiveness Specialist Coach

Marcella works with teams and leaders supporting them in gaining clarity, strengthen communications, and improve performance and turn strategy into results.nShe is an Advanced Practitioner of the Team Diagnostic Survey, a Master Certified Coach (MCC), she also holds a Co-Active Professional Coaching Certification (CPCC), an Organization Relationships Systems at Work certificate, and she is a DISC communication styles and Motivators coach.

Neena Madhok
Master Certified Coach (MCC)

Neena is an ICF Master Certified Coach with a professional background in investment banking, strategy consulting and entrepreneurship. Neena uses her background blended with over 2,500 hours of 1-1 coaching experience to bring robust analytical skills, deep intuition and high emotional awareness to her clients. She is skilled at helping them understand the role emotions play in their behaviour. She works on leadership and team dynamics, culture change and high growth or restructuring challenges.

Ozlem Sarioglu
Managing Partner, Professional Coach, PCC

Ozlem Sarioglu began her professional career as a consultant at PwC, where she advised financial institutions on their global structuring and gained coaching experience as a manager. Ozlem has been selected by the International Coach Federation (ICF) as one of the six honourees of the Young Leader Award in 2019 to carry coaching into the future. In 2021, she became one of the official members of Forbes Coaches Council. Having the PCC credential from the ICF, she has more than 1500 hours of coaching experience. She is also a volunteer in the Development team of EMCC Global.

Yusra Soyak
Leadership Consultant, Executive Coach, PCC

Yusra works as an Executive Coach and Career Coach. She has received her initial coaching training from the Coach Training Institute and is an ICF-Credentialed coach (PCC – Professional Certified Coach) with over 500 hours of coaching. She is also an active member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and takes part in the EMCC Audit Committee and the Supervision Group.

Gurkan Sarioglu
PCC , Board Member

Gurkan Sarioglu, BSc EE, PCC. Gurkan is specialized in business and leadership coaching with a background of thirty-seven years of corporate life experience in ICT sector gained in Turkish Telekom, IBM Turkey, STFA Group, Ericsson Turkey and Turkcell. He is now serving on the ICF Independent Review Board since Apr. 2016. He led the 2018 ICF Ethics Code Review Team. He served as an ICF Turkish Chapter leader (2010 –2012) and as a founding member of the EMEA Regional Advisory Board (2014 – 2016).

Deniz Husrev
Professional Coach, PCC

Deniz completed her Master’s degree at the University of East London in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology. Her interest in positive psychology and coaching steered her towards the co-active coaching program with the ICF-accredited coaching school, Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and the Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) program. She is a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Zeynep Yetkin Yilmaz
Executive u0026 Team Coach (PCC), SIY Certified Teacher

Zeynep’s passion to empower people through positive transformation led her to coaching. She is currently an ICF certified PCC coach, an Organisational System coach, and a mindful leadership trainer. Her 14 years of leadership experience in corporate banking and is certified as a Google born Emotional Intelligence program Search Inside Yourself trainer enables her to connect with people under stress and provide mindfulness and neuroscience-based methods to achieve resilience and balance.

Arzu Pervizpour
Professional Coach, Trainer Consultant, PCC

Arzu is an ICF certified (PCC) coach with an undergrad degree in Psychology and a Masters degree in Human Resources Development from Villanova University, USA. She has over 20 years of leadership experience in HR which she utilizes today in helping her clients achieve business results and become better leaders. Her passion lies in seeing people own up their strengths and reach their potential for a life lived happier.

Vicdan Merter
CPCC, PCC, ORSC Facilitator, Jungian Coach

Vicdan has 25 years of experience in multinational companies as Senior HRD with strategic business partnering, large-scale and complex change management skillset. She is certified by Coaching Training Institute (CPCC) and accredited by ICF (PCC). She works as an executive and team coach and designs, delivers team development workshops. She also teaches internationally with Jungian Coaching School as one of the Program Leader.

Can Karaburcak
Professional Coach , PCC

Can has over 20 years of experience in various levels of management in the production, retail, finance sectors and banking. She was mainly responsible for sales throughout her career. Beginning in 2006, she focused on personal growth programs to deliver her expertise in management and communication areas with a scientific and solid approach. As a Coach, she focuses on executive and team coaching in organizations. Can also designs and delivers soft skill training programs. She has written a book that introduces coaching through a real-life story.

Pedro Pinto
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Pedro is a multi-cultural environment helping clients from all walks of life overcome their roadblocks.nBeing a former CIO, I understand the hurdles of navigating across a company, all areas, and teams.nHe is an authentic, solution-focused, goal/behavior-oriented, straight-shooter. By using a solution-focused approach, it’ll provoke you to go below the surface, find the ‘blind spots,’ and overcoming them.

Desi Jagger
Leadership Coach, PCC

Through her coaching, Desi helps Changemakers to engage people, to develop self-worth and to focus on what matters most. From her 7 year in Procter u0026 Gamble, Desi understands the challenges that professionals face. She also knows that there is more to people than their 9 to 5. Desi is also a cancer survivor. She has seen how mental clarity can help us overcome the toughest challenges. Her clients walk away more self-aware, able to engage and more focused than when they began coaching.

Antonia Benque
Co-active Leadership, CPCC, PCC, MSc, ORSC, Narrative Practitioner

Before becoming a Professional Coach, Antonia worked in many Industries (Education, Insurance, Health, Communication) for many Organisations and Institutions, in many countries (France, UK, Portugal, USA) being exposed to a diversity of environments and cultures. She is now settled in San Francisco and works Worldwide with individuals and groups, focussing on making the workplace a safe and thriving environment. With 1000+ hours of coaching, she helped over 100 people strengthen their self-confidence, build leadership skills, improve interpersonal communication.n

Arzu Sarikayalar Sadaghiani
Executive Team Coach, Inner Game Coach Facilitator ATC, ORSC PCC

Arzu is a catalyst for individuals and organizations to achieve their full potential by providing coaching, facilitation, and organizational consulting. She equips you with the self-awareness, tools, and processes to reach your goals. Arzu has over 10 years of coaching experience and 30 years of business experience. Arzu’s expertise includes a solid experience in establishing integrated HR systems especially the establishment management of the corporate academies, creation of learning systems, building coaching and mentoring structures systems, leadership development, team development u0026 effectiveness, talent u0026 performance management.

Elena Mellara
Career and Business Coach, PCC

Elena’s foundation and signature is in her coaching model called the T.W.I.S.T. (Triggering Ways to Ignite Systematic Transformation). She believes that when a professional change is necessary, one essential step is to understand what ‘pulled the trigger’. In exploring the triggers and creating awareness on a deeper level the individual is ‘alerted’ to detect the same trigger again and on time. Only then the person can choose the right course of actions. Elena’s style is described as energetic and fresh with a new point of view. She holds PCC credentials from ICF combined with 20 years experience in corporations covering strategic and operational roles as a manager.

Pilar Cabral Majerovic
Professional Coach, PCC

Pilar is an executive business and team coach, coaching trainer, mentor and leadership lecturer. She is an Erickson International certified coach and is PCC accredited by the ICF. Prior to moving into executive coaching and leadership facilitation, Pilar worked for 20+ years in the corporate sector, mainly in the field of telecommunication and hospitality, where she held various executive positions. For her, purpose comes from within each of us; it’s something that can’t be imposed or mandated from the outside. At the same time, it compels us to move outside to engage with the world around us. She has made it her mission to support people in the corporate world by holding a safe space for them to be challenged and thrive.

Katrien Nachtergaele
Professional Certified Coach (PCC)

Katrien coaches professionals who want to lead effectively with empathy, and who want to gain influence and resilience. She partners with them as they evolve their leadership to be effective in a more complex role or a new environment, and extend their sphere of influence. nHer coaching benefits from her earlier work in organisational and leadership development as an HR Director and internal Coach for high-growth companies in technology and life sciences.nShe has worked across the globe and lived in Belgium, Denmark, the UK, Amsterdam and Portugal. She coaches in English, Dutch and Danish.

Zeynep Karasoy
Professional Coach, ACC, CPCC

With 12 years of experience in HR, Zeynep has worked in talent management, corporate training and development, and individual development. She has completed the Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) Co-Active Coaching Training Program and the CTI-Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) Certification Program

Yasemin Iris-Brown
Certified Professional Coach, ICF ACC / MBA in International Business

Following a background of 18 years in finance, accounting and management within various sectors, Yasemin received her coaching certification from IDC (ICF/EMCC accredited) in Geneva, Switzerland where she is based today. She has lived and worked in four countries and her cultural experiences give her a broad view on human behavior and motivation. She is able to draw on this diverse background and strong business acumen to effectively coach her clients to achieve their own goals and objectives.

William Shorten
Leadership and Team Coach, PCC

William Shorten has had a career working across a variety of different roles including HR, Commerical (both Sales and Purchasing) R&D and Operations. He established his own consultancy business in 2019 where he works as a training consultant designing, delivering and facilitating on leadership and management development programmes for interntaional clients. William also works as an associate for a number of other business and leadership consultancies. In addition, he is an ICF accreidted Professional Credited Coach (PCC) with experience of coaching leaders and teams in complex environments. Having the PCC credential from the ICF, he has more than 500 hours of coaching experience.

Sinem Bahadirli
Professional Coach, ACC

Sinem is a professional career and leadership coach, certified u0022Designing Your Lifeu0022 coach and u0022Insights Discoveryu0022 facilitator. She began her professional career in Google, Ireland. During her time in Google, she designed mentoring programs, worked in building the coaching culture in EMEA sales organisation and mentored Irish startups. She completed her coaching degree in Kingstown College and received an Advanced Diploma in Personal, Leadership and Executive Coaching. She is certified as an Associate Certified Coach by ICF and coaches in English and Turkish.

Loïg Le Graët
Accredited Certified Coach (ACC)

Loïg supports people and teams in transition through the change of career, going to the next level, or overcoming an obstacle. 15 years in global corporations, startups, and establishing a business exposed him to the operation of organizations and their leaders. With a background in software engineering, project management, and human resources he learned adaptation, thoroughness, and listening. His motto is to combine doing with being.

Evangelos Bertsekas
Professional Coach

Evangelos is a certified coach with a passion on leadership and personal development. He is based in London and has a track record of almost 20 years in the Human Resources field. He has experience working with professionals at different career levels and functions such as HR, sales, operations, accounting u0026 finance, data science, law, and strategy. His coaching philosophy is that leadership development is about leading yourself by knowing yourself. He enjoys working with clients that have a positive outlook about life and a growth mindset, there are curious about themselves and want to invest in their development.

Kathrin Dahm
Professional Coach

Kathrin is a certified business coach who believes in the potential of people to learn and grow. Her passion lies in supporting individuals and teams to thrive. She loves to create experimential insights and stimulate meaningful reflections whilst building on peoples’ own experiences. She creates an atmosphere of openness and trust allowing real insights to happen. In doing so she brings her 20 years of experience from strategic and operational human resources functions in the international industry.

Colleen Slaughter Raue
Life and Leadership Coach

Colleen Slaughter Raue’s has worked worldwide with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and nonprofits, and business leaders from 50 countries. With 1000+ hours of coaching conversations and 20 years practicing leadership development, she has extensive experience working with C-level leaders operating in global locations. Colleen is a specialist in all aspects of leadership effectiveness, political savvy, and strategic influence. Colleen holds several certifications in the business, coaching, and facilitation fields to help leaders achieve big impacts to their organizations.

Meg Mateer
Professional Coach

Meg Mateer helps her clients succeed by facilitating contexts for personal and group transformation. She takes an interpersonal approach to systems change and a systemic approach to personal insight. She brings a combined ten years of experience in business strategy, change management, psychology, and learning design, including seven years of consulting at big 5 firms. She believes in the power of diversity and thinking outside of the box in creating sustainable positive change.

Ozum Ozbay
Career Coach u0026 Counselor

Experienced Career Coach, Learning u0026 Development Professional and Business Development Partner with a demonstrated history of working in various industries including university environment. Skilled in Executive Coaching (Over 350 hours of coaching), Counseling, Talent Management, Negotiation u0026 Business Planning. Business development professional with a Master of Science degree completed with a thesis on u0022Radical Career Changesu0022 from The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).

Fulya Sonmez
Co-Active Coach, Facilitator, MA, MSc, CPCC

Fulya has completed post-graduate level studies in areas of organisation, leadership, decision-making and governance at Istanbul Bilgi University and at the London School of Economics. She works as a consultant and supports different organisations in various sectors as a coach and facilitator, with a special focus on leadership skills development and change management. She has completed the Coaches Training Institute’s (CTI) Coaching Training and Certification Program.

Allisha Ali
Leadership u0026 Career Coach (ICF) , Mentor, Trainer, Speaker

With a Ph.D. in Chemistry, Allisha enjoyed a successful scientific corporate career in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Later, as a Senior Partner to the Chief Executive Officer in a Fortune 500 company, she successfully leadsu003e 20 team transformations while gaining intense training u0026 coaching from McKinsey. Allisha excels at setting strategy, lean u0026 change management, and OPEX. Today, Allisha coaches Professionals at all levels to define and achieve their leadership and career aspirations enabling them to lead a more fulfilling life.

Esra Uras Bilgin
Professional Gestalt Coach, PCC

Esra is a Leadership, Executive and Resilience Coach, Mindfulness Instructor, Corporate Mentor and Team Facilitator with ICF PCC Credential, certified from Gestalt Center for Coaching and has over 17 years of experience in technology field as a Senior Sales Professional in Fortune Global 500 companies such as IBM, Oracle and Tech Start-Ups.
She has a deep experience in Leadership, Executive Sales, Solution Sales, Value Sales, Sales Negotiations, Business Development, Customer Relationship Management, Team Management, Growth Strategy.
As a coach, she actively helps organizations to grow with their employees and support individuals to recognize their personal and professional abilities to discover and reveal their inner potentials and strengths through their innate wisdom, mental cognition and heart-brains and works with her clients to release their self and authentic leadership to integrate with their existence, influence with vulnerability and intimacy and finally connect with their presence in here and now to build their future.
Esra gladly coaches in Turkish, English and Italian.

Marton Manyai
Professional Coach, PCC

Marton Manyai has international, multi-industry experience, he is working in English, German and Hungarian. As an ICF Certified Executive & Leadership Coach, he works with C-Suite executives, business leaders, functional heads and Hi-Potentials in enhancing business acumen & leadership competencies. With 1200+ coaching hours, he contributes to various industries like Pharma, Banking & IT, Telecom, Manufacturing & Software Start-ups. Marton has coached 23 nationalities from 4 continents.

Khaled Alwassia
Professional Coach, PCC, EMCC Senior Practitioner

Khaled helps clients move forward with clarity and purpose by always being encouraging and supportive while remaining personal, present, and thought-provoking. His coaching style helps clients build self-awareness, a personal vision and self-confidence. Khaled has many years of experience leading and coaching individuals & teams offering a combination of business acumen, emotional intelligence, and change management. Khaled holds ICF’s PCC & EMCC’s Senior Practitioner coaching credentials.

Mick Lavin
Professional Coach, Agile Coach, Team Coach, Mentor

I coach individuals, teams, and leaders; specialising in helping people and teams develop, transform business, and enabling leadership teams for success.
I have worked internationally in the hi-tech industry on three continents.
With more than 30 years’ experience in people, project, and strategic management, I have a wealth of personal and professional experience.
Career highlights include developing teams in global locations, improving motivation, performance, communications, and productivity.

Sally Fazakerley
Executive and Leadership Coach, ACC

Executive coach with over 1,000 hours of coaching with international clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. With her 15 years of experience in L&D, she founded her coaching company, in 2019, to make coaching accessible to all. She is an Associate Certified Coach with a degree in Psychology and education in NLP, MBCT-L, and PQ. Sally also lectures at business schools. She coaches professionals to get the most out of their careers through awareness, action, and getting the right results.

Susanne Buetikofer
Certified Professional Coach, ACC

Susanne found her calling as an international accredited transformation and career coach after following a multinational career path.
Her passion for transformation, extensive expertise across fields (airline officer, hotel GM, HR specialist, counselor), and experience living and working in Switzerland, the USA, Thailand & Taiwan enables Susanne to partner with her clients on their way to an improved self and find fulfillment – no matter where they are.
Susanne coaches in English, German & French.

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