Digital Coaching Journey in line with your strategic goals

Our unique design lets you implement coaching journeys with customized themes.
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Digital Coaching Journey

A gamified coaching process customized according to your strategic goals

Undertakes the role of preparing the Coach / Mentee, so that the conversation can directly start with an impact session.

Helps the coachee to understand what coaching is and map the key issues. This way the most impact is generated with less time invested.

Scales the Coaching / Mentoring programs and increases the efficiency of the Coach/Mentor resource.


Themed Journeys

Through the SparkUs platform, we provide off the shelf and customizable journey packages

Over the years we developed a wide variety of themed coaching journeys:
  • Performance Coaching
  • Leadership Coaching
  • Post-Assessment Coaching
  • First 90 Days
  • Mentorship
  • Female Leadership
  • Work Life Balance

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