A Robust Solution for Enterprise Level Requirements

Over the years we have developed the culture of working with a variety of companies with extensive screenings and requirements
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GDPR-Ready Data Protection

Our standards are higher than GDPR when it comes to personal data

We act in the ethical boundaries of ICF which forces as principle Confidentiality of coaching We act within the ethical boundaries of ICF which ensure that the principle of Confidentiality of the coaching process is implemented at all times.

All the personal coaching data is stored on a secure server at a location within the same legal zone (US, Europe, Etc.)

We inform and take consent from the platform users for each content sharing instance.

We don’t share any coaching content with any stakeholders (HR, Project Managers, etc.) without informing users.

We have a customizable consent form with IP logging.

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Highly Secure

We don’t rely on luck. We invest in security.

Our platform periodically goes through penetration tests from independent consultants.

All databases are separate for each instance of the platform.

All personally identifiable data are encrypted.

The level of password security is adjustable with controls of characters, timeframe, etc.

We use SSL encoding for all platforms.

We always cooperate with our clients to raise our bar of security.

Scalable & Modular

Our Platform is Stress Tested with 30.000 Users-with a 87% Usage Rate

We developed the SparkUs technology to serve thousands and kept the platform modular to serve programs with limited requirements as well.

Each feature of the SparkUs platform can be attached or detached according to requirements.

Our platform can be integrated via API’s into your legacy technologies such as LMS’s, HRM’s, and SSO’s.

User Friendly

78% of Average Completion Rate and 90% of Platform Engagement. Numbers speak for themselves

SparkUs platform is responsive and compatible with all modern browsers.

We invest in the usability and design of the platform.

Our mobile-friendly UI can be customized with your company colors, logo, and banner.

Start Scaling

Want to learn more about our data-driven, secure and measurable platform? Contact us to explore how you can implement a robust technology to scale your coaching/mentoring program
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