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How AXA Adopted a Coaching Mindset with SparkUs Amidst the Pandemic

By: SparkUs Team

AXA Coachlike Manager Program

Operating in 57 countries, AXA Group is one of the biggest multinational insurance firms. It proficiently engages in global insurance, investment management and other financial services. 

Goals and Challenges

AXA was aiming to build a strong coaching culture within the organization, which would:

  • Facilitate a supportive leadership model
  • Create an ecosystem of learning and initiative-taking
  • Increase accountability and engagement of employees in every role

Despite being on the right track to secure coaching culture at work, it faced some challenges due to prevalence of traditional leadership approaches for achieving this significant change in culture.

Before implementing the required cultural and behavioural change within the organisation on a global scale, AXA Turkey* was chosen to be the pilot subsidiary for this project. 

*As one of the leading insurance companies in Turkey, AXA Turkey (AXA SİGORTA) is a part of the AXA global group of companies.  

SparkUs helped AXA to mend its ways in the roadmap that included:

  • Redesign the mindset

At the drop of a hat, shift the “quick-fix” or “shortcut” solutions approach of conventional leadership mindset to a “coach-like approach”.

  • Get sustainability

What is a coaching culture without sustainability? Implement a well-justified coaching culture through a systemized organizational framework. Avoid its execution at C-suite management only, rather apply it at every level within the firm.

The Unexpected Challenge: COVID-19

Akin to many other corporations across the world, AXA Turkey switched to remote working during the pandemic issue of COVID-19.

Apart from common managing challenges to the team leaders, new top challenge was setting the practice of work from home. Managers who were accustomed of directing their teams by giving daily instructions, started experiencing difficulties such as not being able to make immediate interventions remotely. This sudden change of culture became a “pressing issue” that needed to be implemented “right away”.

Download our case study to see:

  • How we managed to adapt and reorganize the SparkUs program seamlessly amidst the COVID-19 pandemic
  • How AXA Turkey achieved to build an ecosystem of learning and initiative-taking through a qualitative mindset change
  • How can the coaching culture benefit your company also!


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