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How Penta Technology Created a Sustainable Coaching Culture with SparkUs

By: Sparkus

The Success Story of Penta Technology’s Journey
Towards Building a Strong Coaching Culture and Coach-Like Leaders

Founded in 1990, Penta Technology is a leading provider of advanced global and local technology products in Turkey. Penta’s expertise in technology, operational efficiency, diverse financial solutions, strong supply chain management, and robust IT infrastructure helps its business partners to become more efficient, profitable and competitive.

In line with its company vision and innovation strategies, Penta Technology’s work culture has a strong focus on people, with a high priority placed on employee development, career growth, and happiness.

Aiming to support leadership development in every role, Penta Technology needed a significant cultural shift across the organisation at  two levels:

1-  The management team needed to create an ecosystem of learning, knowledge-sharing, and initiative-taking. They also had to adopt and facilitate a leadership model that was transparent and supportive of employees.

2- All remaining employees had to learn how to embrace a proactive mindset. Taking initiative and responsibility for decisions would now be required of every employee, and they should not expect to be micromanaged for their work.

To achieve this goal, Penta Technology partnered with SparkUs to implement a strong coaching culture within the company.

Download our case study for free to see how Penta Technology implemented a lasting cultural and behavioural change in its workplace with SparkUs.

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