Investing in the upskilling and resilience of employees after COVID-19

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Organisational Management

COVID-19 has clearly shaken our lives and established new rules and a new normality for everyone. It’s setting an agenda to revisit the basic parameters and presumptions about work – the purpose of an office, work hours, KPI’s, sales models, delivery systems and revenue streams. During these difficult times:

  • Is it possible to rebuild processes, whereby the business would continue uninterrupted, without risking employees jobs?
  • How can businesses perform upskilling and reskilling of the workforce?
  • Where do organisations ensure the resilience of their employees to help them adapt to the new reality?

Read more on SparkUs Co-Founder and Professional Coach, PCC Özlem’s article where she analyses the aftermath of COVID-19 in the professional environment and clarifies these questions.

*First published in theHRDIRECTOR, July 2020. Reproduced with permission.

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