It’ll All Come Out in the Wash…

By: SparkUs Team

Investing in the upskilling and resilience of employees after COVID-19

“Even before pandemic turned the planet upside down, the world was already like a washing machine on spin dry. Digitalisation, AI – not to mention climate change – were already sending metaphorical socks off to that unknown place and, in some ways, we can see this crisis as part of that continuum, stuck on the drum by the irresistible, centrifugal force.”

Read more on SparkUs Co-Founder and Professional Coach, PCC Özlem’s article* where she analyses the aftermath of COVID-19 in the professional environment and elaborates on whether it is possible to rebuild processes without risk to employees, as well as how to perform upskilling and reskilling of the workforce in the organisations.

*First published in theHRDIRECTOR, July 2020. Reproduced with permission.

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