Upskilling & Reskilling requires Learning Agility and it can be fostered

Growth mindset can be triggered only when people find their inner motivation

How to Overcome Employee Learning Challenges in the Workplace?


How to Create Value out of Training and Learning Programmes?

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Future-Proof Your Workforce

Industry 4.0 requires everyone to reinvent themselves.

Based on the World Economic Forum Survey 85% of the workforce believes that their current role can be undertaken by artificial intelligence.

In order to stay relevant, everyone needs to develop new skills.

The only thing that can overcome inertia is the inner motivation of each individual which is linked to a compelling personal vision.

Once individuals define their “Unique Contribution Proposal”, they can plan the necessary development journey with curated content.


Provide Learning Agility with the SparkUs Platform

A development journey based on personal motivation of each individual

Our Approach

We start with a vision that contains both personal and professional aspirations. We help individuals to bridge that vision with reality and act on their motivation. We support the development process with curated content, reminders, and gamification.

Digital Coaching Steps

  • Life Vision and Career Vision: Helps employees to define personal and professional aspirations.
  • Self-assessment:Enables employees to evaluate their strengths and experiences based on company competencies to define their unique contribution.
  • Development Goals: Helps talents to set personal development goals and map them with company competencies.
  • Road Map: Provides talents with a clear path to plan development actions based on the 70/20/10 Principle, integrating curated content & LMS.G
  • Support: Employees engage with their managers, mentors, and other relevant program stakeholders to receive feedback and plan actions.

Human Elements

Managers, mentors, HR business partners or coaches support the employee to finalize the digital journey with sense-check, lifting personal blockages, and deepening the process.

Additional Features

  • LMS integration.

  • Training of managers, mentors, and/or HR Business partners

  • Webinars for employees and managers

Upskill and reskill your workforce with SparkUs

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