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Mentoring with ROI

A sustainable mentoring program that generates value

Mentoring programs are invaluable development tools for organizations. The hands-on experience that is not written in books is spread through mentoring from one generation or department to the next within an organization. Although mentoring programs start with good intentions, they mostly end right after a few sessions. Moreover, it gets quite difficult to monitor if the sessions are being held and if any progress is actually being made.


Mentoring through SparkUs Platform

A mentoring program that is sustainable, trackable and provides high ROI.

Our Approach

A fruitful mentoring program develops both the mentor and the mentee. Our custom designed Mentorship programs combines training to both mentors & mentees, supervision, and SparkUs platform. Our technology gives a framework for development while collecting data without breeching confidentiality for ROI calculation purposes

Digital Coaching Steps

  • Vision: Helps mentees to define their compelling future.
  • Preparation: Enables mentees to define mentoring goals and start a sustainable process.
  • Development Goals: Helps mentees to set personal goals and define success to share with their mentors.

Human Elements

We support mentors with training, framework, and supervision as well as a mentoring guide at their panel.

Dashboard Features

  • The HR dashboard enables you to track if the sessions are being held and actions are being taken, without breaching confidentiality of the mentoring process. You can diversify your communication with the mentors and the mentees based on where they are in their mentoring process.

Additional Features

  • Training of mentors

  • Mentor Matching algorithm

  • Self-service mentor selection algorithm

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