We believe in technology as a fertile ground for personal development.

We nurture our technology with human insights. Our ruler is growth. The technology is a means to provide growing experiences.
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Can I implement the SparkUs Platform right away or do I have to customize? A guide to assess tools.

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The SparkUs Platform Features

Modular, robust yet agile.

Our Platform is modular. You can implement end-to-end or pick-n-choose module

Digital Coaching Journey

A gamified coaching process customized according to your strategic goals

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Session Tracker

A calendar integrated session tracker powered with customizable reminders and analytic tools for program managers.

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Action Tracking

Tracks and reminds actions. Keeps the action confidential yet statistically reportable. Can be integrated with LMS’s

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Insights & Analytics

Supports the Program Manager to track and ease the management of the Coaching / Mentoring programs- without breaching confidentiality.

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Coach & Mentor Support

A separate panel with necessary tools to support Internal coaches and mentors.

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An algorithm based matching tool to use either with self-service model or batch matching

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Platform Users

Our platform is adaptive to different use cases and roles.

We know that a mentee can become a mentor, a coachee can be a program manager at the same time. And each role has different expectations from the platform.


SparkUs Coaching Platform empowers the coachees to choose where to be coached, when to be coached and at what pace.

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Internal & External Coaches

SparkUs Coaching Platform empowers the coachees to choose where to be coached, when to be coached and at what pace.

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Our platform provides the manager with a legitimate and safe ground to start the coaching conversation with their team and practice new skills.

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Team Member

SparkUs Coaching Platform empowers the team member to prepare for a dialogue.

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The user friendly tools enable the mentees to work through their vision, strengths, goals and a roadmap on their own. This way, they can make their own stories known to their mentors in an effective

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The platform provides the mentor with a sound basis to start the mentoring conversation, by getting to know the aspirations, strengths and goals of the mentee beforehand.

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Program Manager

Our platform enables the program managers to track the engagement levels of the coaching process and collect statistical data on number of sessions and actions, without breaching coaching

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Trainers can give feedback and additional homework to each participant based on individual needs.

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