Rethinking Future HR: Think Digitalizing Coaching

The onset and the wide spread of pandemic, in combination with ever-increasing progress in innovation; has made us rethink and reflect how the role of human resources must alter to meet today’s challenges. HR needs to take the lead in making a difference, to create a carefully prepared and digitally adapted workforce, that can adjust to the changing needs of each industry.

Moreover, this new workforce will appear exceptionally diverse from today’s reality as companies are moving towards a mixed workforce that incorporates full-time employees and a gig economy. HR leaders ought to reconsider how they would develop and retain best talents in such scenarios.

In this context, digitalization offers multiple benefits.

Digitalization is the future of work.

Digitalization is still a huge and unrealized opportunity over numerous companies, divisions, and economies. And with the wave of disruption caused by both Industry 4.0 and the pandemic, we are in a place where the workforce is becoming more and more borderless and work becoming more virtual. Here it’s digitalization that will prove to be a means of connection and survival post pandemic.

It is evident the organizations that are digital pioneers in their areas have quicker revenue growth and higher productivity. This pandemic has brought in a reality check; and has made businesses understand what digitalization means and how it will be the future of work.

Coaching is the future of learning.

Coaching is playing a progressively imperative part within the planning of employee’s improvement as well as a company’s good management. As industries are facing disruption and change, and strategies are having a shorter life, it’s just the best talent that can become the ultimate source of competitive advantage. And the best way to develop and retain such best talent is to provide continuous growth opportunities. In this regard, coaching has never been more important than now and into the future ; as coaching makes employees stride their abilities and leverages individual strength and competencies towards maximum performance.

Coaching can easily be stretched and modified to suit the requirements of the employees and the corporate. It offers an opportunity to support individual, team and organizational growth. Molding a corporate culture around coaching delivers a drastic and beautiful effect in how a company conducts itself and represents its employees. Encouragement is provided throughout the lifespan of employees; meaning that the quality of their output, performance, working relationships and communication are all raised to deliver greater benefits for the employee and employer.

In this disrupted environment where changes are uncertain, organizations require a workforce that is resilient and has a growth mindset. Coaching employees on this road would help the organizations to grow.

How Digitalized Coaching Platforms fit into this picture?

Rapid changes and an accelerated growth in technologies has promoted tremendous change in the working environment. And in situation when coaching is being implemented on the backdrop of continued  technological advances ;it is only fair that the coaching providers leverage this opportunity and scale an effective technology assisted coaching culture organization wide.

How can organizations make coaching organization-wide, so that they ensure to support their whole organization through this period?

The answer lies in selecting a right digitized coaching solution.  The intention behind Digital Coaching Platforms is to make coaching more affordable and cost-effective. Also, it aims to provide coaching to middle managers, high potential individuals and others, rather than limited to the executive levels. It is a new way to actually scale up your practices and culture and reach to the employees even at ground level.

Since technologies are going through new breakthroughs; there are many solutions available in the arena of coaching. Such as self-coaching chatbot applications, marketplace with matching algorithms that help organizations find the right coach despite the geographic boundaries. Other solutions include a blended approach of providing a professional coach together with a Digital Coaching Journey. Employees here are prepared for their one-on-one sessions for an utmost impact in a shorter time. 

Despite digitally assisted coaching, the feel and output of human assistance cannot be ignored. Being a Digital Coaching Platform, our learnings show a coaching journey designed in a hybrid approach of technology and human touch ensuring a more sustainable and future oriented outcome. Furthermore, fostering a coaching mindset throughout the organization, and hence supporting parallel growth of both the individual and the organization.

Digitalization is expanding thousand-fold, and it is the tool that would act as a connector for future hybrid workforce. So making the right use of digitalization in coaching in line with your strategic goals would act as an accelerator for the future workforce.

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