Close the Generational Gap within your Organization

Reverse mentoring is more than understanding new technologies; it is an effective tool to grasp the mindset of new generations.
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5 Ways to Engage Millennials in the Workplace


Young Blood, Old Wisdom

A structured program for reverse mentoring that works

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Bridging Generations

Understanding new generations’ mindset is imperative to stay relevant

Reverse mentoring programs support organizations in three dimensions:

1- Older generations get acquainted with the new mindset; aspirations, concerns and values.

2- New generations build the capacity to empathize with and express themselves to the senior generations.

3- Employee engagement increases due to new connections and corporate impact is generated.


SparkUs Reverse Mentoring Methodology

Our Approach

We focus on enhanced dialogue more than user manuals of new technology. We design the program based on your company culture and strategic goals. We support the process with training, tools, supervision, and retrospective meetings.

Digital Coaching Steps

We train teams of reverse mentors to:
  • Overcome generational prejudices
  • Become aware of hierarchical dynamics
  • Listen effectively
  • Ask relevant questions
  • Encapsulate information into story telling

Human Elements

We design the number of meetings and provide a framework in order to keep the reverse mentoring dynamic intact.

Additional Features

  • Session tracking

  • HR Dashboard

  • Matching algorithm

  • Reverse mentoring manuals, agreements, and tools

Close the Generational Gap within your Organization with SparkUs

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