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Spark Your Culture

Spark Your Culture is a holistic program that boosts your culture to build a high performing organization. And we are proud to announce that it is now accredited by the ICF as a Continuing Coach Education (CCE) program on Core Competencies and Resource Development!

We start the program by training and supervising your Leaders to be more coach-like. Then, both Leaders and their Team Members go through different sets of digital coaching exercises and engage in coaching dialogues.

  • with a SparkUs Coach for you leaders (up to 3 sessions per Leader)
  • with their trained and supervised leaders for the team members


Spark Your Culture program is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Develop your leaders to be more coach like
  • Make sure coaching dialogues are happening at all levels
  • Improve the overall coachability of your organization
  • Measure the coaching ROI and make data driven decisions


Throughout the program:

  • Leaders learn about the coaching mindset & skills
  • Leaders experience receiving coaching thanks to their digital coaching journey and sessions with their SparkUs coaches
  • Leaders are supervised by SparkUs coaches on how to give coaching in a safe peer to peer environment
  • Team members embark on a self driven performance development journey
  • Team members build trust to the coaching process and improve their coachability
  • Leaders and team members start their coaching dialogues with readiness, strategic framework and motivation
  • Both parties continue and track development to benefit from coachable moments throughout the year

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