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Spark Your Leader

Spark Your Leader is a fast track program to coach and support your leaders for fast growth. With this program, your leaders will go through digital coaching exercises and receive up to 5 live coaching sessions with a SparkUs coach and upgrade their game in just a few weeks!


Spark Your Leader program is designed to provide the following benefits:

  • Each leader will go at their own pace
  • Collect their thoughts in a framework before getting together with their Coach
  • Optimize the coaching process more will be achieved in less time
  • A digital history for the leader to come back to throughout the year even after the coaching sessions are complete
  • Increase the overall coachability of your leaders
  • Track and measure development of your leaders


Throughout the program:

  • Creating their Leadership Vision to create their authentic leadership impact
  • Evaluation of Business Goals & Objectives for the coming year
  • Evaluating their team members based on Situatonal Leadership to improve their team performance
  • Empowerment and inclusion of team members to reach the business objectives
  • Creating a road map for 2022
  • Receiving the support of leadership coaches to upgrade their game by overcoming any roadblocks along the way

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