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SparkUs vs BetterUp, Ezra Coaching, and CoachHub

What’s the difference between SparkUs and BetterUp, Ezra Coaching, and CoachHub?

Compare by features, including Digital Coaching Exercises for Coaching Readiness, Coach Pool & Coach Matching, Coaching Sessions and Development Tracking, Customization & Project Management Support, Integrations, and Business Model​ in the chart below. 

BetterUp Ezra CoachHub
BetterUp Ezra CoachHub
Setting a vision for coaching
Setting development goals
Mapping individual skillset against company skillset
Self assesment based on company competencies
Matching Algorithm
Internal Coach Pool Integration
Internal Coach Pool Onboarding
External Coach Pool
Session Organizer
Session Trackers
Session Based Forms
Customer Success Team
Biweekly meetings & program consultancy for project fulfillment
HR Dashboard & Reports
Content customized based on strategic goals
Single Sign-On (SSO)
Calendar Integrations
LMS Integration
Seat Based
Coaching Sessions Packs
Unlimited Coaching
Flexible Model (+/-)
Platform Only

Compare Digital Coaching Platforms  

SparkUs vs BetterUp vs Ezra Coaching vs CoachHub 

Review our comparison of the digital coaching platforms SparkUs vs BetterUp, Ezra, and CoachHub. Explore why SparkUs is a better alternative than BetterUp, Ezra, and CoachHub. 

Compare SparkUs vs BetterUp, Ezra Coaching, CoachHub: Features and Overall Review 

At SparkUs, we believe in the power of coaching to unlock the potential of individuals and organizations. And the key to effective coaching is Coaching Readiness

Comparing the features of BetterUp, Ezra Coaching, and CoachHub, we are confident that SparkUs is the top choice for organizations looking for a comprehensive coaching solution. 

Our holistic approach includes digital exercises to help employees prepare for coaching sessions, ensuring coaching readiness and maximizing the impact of live coaching. Additionally, we offer a range of tools to help organizations track the progress of their coaching programs and measure their impact. Plus, we have our Customer Success Team that eases the process and takes the burden of managing the program off your hands!  

With SparkUs, you can trust that you are getting the best in digital coaching services

What does Coaching Readiness mean? 

A person who is coaching-ready shows these fundamental characteristics: 

  • Growth orientation 
  • Openness to experimentation 
  • Willingness to take responsibility 
  • Self-discipline 
  • Action orientation 
  • Willingness to seek support 

Advantages of Coaching Readiness  

  • The coachee becomes ready to receive coaching support​ 
  • The coach can focus their sessions to generate the most impact in less time​ 
  • Pinpoints coaching-resistant participants included in the coaching program 

Coaching Readiness enables 

  • 75% faster transformation and immediate result 
  • 4 times more people coached 
  • Focused HR efforts 
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