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How to Create Value out of Training and Learning Programmes

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Coaching for Talent Development

Invest in future

Talents are the core of the future of your work. They are difficult to find, harder to keepand even much harder to keep engaged.

We know that investing in your talents, training them, assigning them to projects, and creating opportunities for them to shine is a challenging task.

Coaching is the key element to talent development, as well as motivating your workforce and giving them the accountability to find a way to generate value.

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Coach Talents at Larger Scale with the SparkUs Platform

A coaching program that is feasible, scalable and provides high ROI.

Our Approach

With our scalable approach, we can provide the same results in talent development with 1/4th of the sessions than a traditional coaching program. Our platform helps you to track the engagement and the coaching ROI.

Digital Coaching Steps

  • Career Vision:Helps talents to define their compelling career future.
  • Self-Assessment:Enables talents to evaluate their strengths in par with your organisation’s traits.
  • Development Goals:Helps talents to set personal goals and define success.
  • Roadmap: Provides talents a clear path to plan development actions.
  • Sessions:Talents and coaches can keep track of their coaching sessions.

Human Elements

We support talents with coaching sessions either from our SparkUs coaching pool or through integrating our program easily to your professional / internal coach pool.

Additional Features

  • LMS integration.

  • Training of managers, mentors and/or HR Business partners.

  • Webinars for employees and managers.


Process gave me new dreams and actions both for my personal development and for my career. Thank you.

Performance Management Senior Specialist

Helped me to highlight my strengths that I had been aware of but not actively used much.

Account Manager

How Novartis Implemented a Sustainable Mentorship Program

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How HPE Achieved Effective Coaching Conversations at Scale with SparkUs

Discover How HPE scaled their internal coaching program

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How AXA Adopted a Coaching Mindset with SparkUs Amidst the Pandemic

With the COVID-19 pandemic, AXA Turkey switched to remote working. . A sudden change of culture and ways of working became a “pressing issue”, a need that had to be implemented “right away” with this new work order.

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