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Leadership 4.0 : A Call for Leaders to Stay Relevant in the Near Future


Learn How HPE Built a Strong Coaching Culture with SparkUs Platform

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Enterprise Level Solution

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Our blended solution of data-driven technology combined with the interaction of coaches is adaptable to any large-scale business. Our customizable platform enables users to measure, identify and track the coaching ROI- without violating data security or breaching employee confidentiality.

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Enterprise Level Solution

State of the Art Methodology and Framework

We believe in innovation, agility, as well as experience, and science.

We offer off-the-shelf solutions to scale your coaching / mentoring programs. Our platform is modular and flexible to adapt to your company culture, coaching framework and scale. It can be integrated with your tools.

Design thinking is deeply rooted in our culture, we can customize and integrate with legacy technologies to generate high ROI.

We designed our off-the-shelf programs with our Coaching Supervisory Team using a mix of different coaching schools, techniques and methodologies to create the core of SparkUs.

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The SparkUs Coaching Community

Colleen Slaughter Raue
Life and Leadership Coach

Colleen Slaughter Raue has worked worldwide with Fortune 500 companies, NGOs and nonprofits, and business leaders from 50 countries. With 1000+ hours of coaching conversations and 20 years practicing leadership development, she has extensive experience working with C-level leaders operating in global locations. Colleen is a specialist in all aspects of leadership effectiveness, political savvy, and strategic influence. Colleen holds several certifications in the business, coaching, and facilitation fields to help leaders achieve big impacts on their organizations.

We employ the diverse experiences of our coaches

Our ever-growing community of coaches is the main resource for maturing the platform and our programs. We select seasoned coaches to deliver best-in-class coaching and training services as well as to advance the platform with their valuable feedback.

SparkUs global network of forward-thinking coaches across the globe is impressive. Their professional and transparent working environment, the user-friendly digital pIatform and the internal team’s friendliness and eagerness to serve are its biggest draw .

Colleen Slaughter Raue

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