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Triggering Learning Agility: An Energy Industry Case Study.

By: SparkUs Team


Executive Summary:

The energy sector is one of the industries where the realities of Industry 4.0 are felt the most. In order to keep up with these new realities and be future-proof, it is necessary to improve the “learning agility” of employees at all levels. And also to invest in upskill / re-skill efforts. The case study below reveals how our client, one of the major energy companies, collaborated with SparkUs and together designed a “personal development journey” for all expert-level employees. This led to the development of learning agility in almost 1300+ employees all at once, along with a shift in mindset towards owning responsibility for one’s developmental goals.

Key Results: 

  • 1130 users, 82% satisfaction rate.
  • 85% gained a work related result.


  • Need to improve “learning agility” of employees at all levels within the realities of Industry 4.0.
  • Lack of inner motivation of employees towards development.
  • Low Learning Management System usage rate, which was only 5%.


  • Designing a learning and coaching program that could both offer personalized support and be scalable.
  • Improving the “learning agility” of employees at all levels, and to invest in upskill / re-skill efforts.
  • Increasing the level of internal motivation towards development through change in mindset.


Our Customer Success team paid diligent attention to the HR Dashboard to have a regular pulse check on the program. Regularly informing the company’s L&D team, we maneuvered the communication plan to fit the needs and agendas of the users.

Thanks to the approaches used and the SparkUs platform that led to the outstanding key results.

Download our case study to know a little more about the client, what coaching solutions did SparkUs use in order to trigger learning agility across 1300+employees all at once, and the quantitative results.


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