Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring

Keep Up With Change While
Keeping Your Employees Engaged

SparkUs Mentoring & Reverse Mentoring programs are the best tools to spread core values throughout your organization, develop your people and grow along with them!

Cultivate wisdom from corporate leaders who have been around longer and have seen it all.

Help employees develop the necessary skills to quickly adapt to change or new situations.

Train your employees in effective communication styles so they can share ideas more effectively.

How it Works

We empower mentors and mentees with essential skills and tools to set clear goals, fostering personal and professional growth.

Our platform facilitates meaningful mentor-mentee interactions, ensuring a structured and impactful mentoring journey.

Engage with co-workers from diverse backgrounds, unleashing cross-company wisdom and promoting core values across your organization.

Our platform allows HR to track mentoring meetings seamlessly, ensuring confidentiality while boosting the overall impact and long-term sustainability of your mentoring program.

Success Stories

WeBalance: A Well Being Case Study

Executive Summary: With the belief that “Good ideas deserve good company”, WeTransfer is a certified B Corporation that strives to use their business as a force for positive change. And because of the values it stands for and being a responsible B2B organization WeTransfer joined hands with team SparkUs, to work on a program that…


Triggering Learning Agility: An Energy Industry Case Study.

Executive Summary: The energy sector is one of the industries where the realities of Industry 4.0 are felt the most. In order to keep up with these new realities and be future-proof, it is necessary to improve the “learning agility” of employees at all levels. And also to invest in upskill / re-skill efforts. The…

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