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How Penta Technology Created a Sustainable Coaching Culture with SparkUs


How AXA Adopted a Coaching Mindset with SparkUs Amidst the Pandemic

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Internalize Coaching Culture

A strong coaching culture for value-driven agility

Most organizations are aware of the benefits of a coaching culture, such as increased engagement and performance. However, building a sustainable coaching culture is not easy to achieve only by having managers receive a few days of coaching skills training.

In order to internalize a coaching culture, everyone in the organization needs to experience coaching for themselves.

This includes both one-to-one coaching sessions and in-the-moment coaching conversations.


Build a Coaching Culture with the SparkUs Platform

A Bespoke Program that creates sustainable change.

Our Approach

We focus on the internalization of the coaching culture. We provide a legitimate and safe base to start coaching conversations between managers and employees.
We start the program from upper management and cascade down to everyone at the organization level by level.

Digital Coaching Steps

  • We design the online exercises based on the needs and the culture of your organization and diverging exercises for different personas within the organization. This way, you can make sure that all employees are being coached on a certain standardized level suitable for their needs.
  • We integrate your competency / trait sets, internal development tools like LMS, company language to fit your strategic purposes.

Human Elements

Professional coaches kickstart the cascading process by coaching, training and supervising the upper management. Then in a chain structure, managers coach their teams based on their digital coaching journey. This step by step process develops the overall dialogue between managers and employees.

Additional Features

  • LMS Integration, Assessment Integration, Action Tracking with Gamification.

Build a sustainable coaching culture within your organization

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